Stake Out

Stake Out Location and Setup:
Located at Valeriehaus Bad Gastein, Nassfeld 5, 5640 Bad Gastein.Stake Out areas are marked on-site.

Area A: Vehicles and trailers/caravans to be aligned in tandem. Dogs to be tethered at the side. Maximum space = 15m length, 6,5m width.
Area B: Vehicles and trailers/caravans to be aligned in tandem. Dogs to be tethered behind the vehicles. Maximum space = 20m length, 4m width.

Restrictions and Conditions:
No fences allowed.
The location is at 1600m elevation, with a gravel surface and extreme cold conditions.
Driving Stake Out poles into the ground requires tools like a drill due to the frozen ground.
Participants must bring their own tools for setting up Stake Out poles
The area may not be completely snow-covered; snow can be manually added by participants.
No straw, sawdust, or similar materials allowed.

Walking and Waste Disposal:
Designated walking areas for dogs are available on the parking ground and marked paths.
Participants are expected to clean up and properly dispose of dog waste.

Compliance and Respect:
Immediate compliance with Stakeout and race personnel instructions is mandatory.
Non-compliance may result in disqualification and expulsion from the event.
Trail and Stakeout staff are volunteers; respectful and polite interaction is expected.

Water Supply:
A water collection point is located outside Valeriehaus (see overview plan).
Do not turn off the water supply due to frost risk.

Public toilets are located at the “Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Information House”, available 24/7.
Maintain cleanliness and keep doors closed to prevent freezing.
Emptying chemical toilets in these facilities is strictly forbidden and monitored by video surveillance. Violations incur a €250 fine.
Avoid using toilets at Valeriehaus and the lift station outside of restaurant visits.

Chemical Toilets:
Dispose of contents only in the designated and marked pipe near the Nationalparkhaus.
After emptying, add at least 10 liters of fresh water to prevent clogging.
Ensure the pipe is resealed after use to prevent freezing.